What is it?

A Life Deposit Box (LDB) is a secret digital safe deposit box, organised by content.
Buying one allows you, simply and securely, to create, select, store and preserve text and multimedia files that you don’t wish to share in real time but that you want to compile and, eventually, pass on.


Select the things, images and thoughts you wish to leave behind.


Put them safely into a protected, encrypted digital deposit box, which only you can read, and change them whenever you want.


Choose a special person (VIP) to entrust them to, someone to carry out your wishes in circumstances defined by you.


Dontshare is a tool designed to invite people to carve out a moment of real,
profound intimacy in a safe and easily accessible virtual place,
where they can quickly and easily deposit memories, messages and final instructions.


Write down your memories, select the photos and places you care about most. Write your own collection of personal memories. When a memory resurfaces in your mind, save it. And entrust your memories to someone special.


Record a video message, write a letter, save an email. And ask that special someone to deliver your messages.


Leave your final instructions, put your affairs in order, thank those you want to, express your wishes and entrust them to someone special.


Dontshare uses the HTTPS protocol to guarantee the identity of the parties involved and the confidentiality of your contents when transferring them to your Life Deposit Box.
Dontshare encrypts all information entered on the server.
When the owner of the Box or his/her VIP accesses it, using their respective authorisation passwords, the contents are decrypted for use. This ensures the full security and confidentiality of the uploaded contents.
No one, other than the owner and the VIP, can decrypt them while they remain in the LDB and have not yet been downloaded for forwarding.


Dontshare allows you to appoint a special person (VIP) to entrust with your Life Deposit Box.
Your VIP will therefore be authorised to ask Dontshare for the access key, in the circumstances defined by you and according to the instructions you give. Nobody, except you and the person to whom you entrust it, will ever have access to your LDB.
Not even Dontshare.

This is a facsimile of a Life Deposit Box
(scroll down with your mouse to see how it is organised):

A Life Deposit Box is a way of sheltering yourself from the deluge of stimuli, information,
contents and images to which the digital era has accustomed us.
To get back to basics, get to know yourself a bit better and take the chance to leave someone something true about yourself.