Who is a VIP?

The VIP is the very important person who has been chosen to look after the LDB of another person and who has accepted.
VIP status does not entail any legal obligations, it just means that someone considers you the most reliable person for a wonderful and delicate task: taking care of what has been entrusted to you.

What does a VIP have to do?

1. Accept the request to be appointed VIP of someone’s LDB and follow the owner’s instructions on when and how to access it.
2. Accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use of the Dontshare service.
3. Receive and safeguard the data for accessing the platform and the first part of the access key (Key1).
4. Request, as and when agreed with the owner, the second half of the access key (Key2), the one that will allow you to open the LDB.
5. Treat the contents of the LDB in accordance with the requests made by the owner and your own sensitivity.
6. Contact the Dontshare staff at any time via chat or at the email address vip@dontshare.it to ask for clarification or clear up any doubts.

What must a VIP do to receive Key2 to open the LDB entrusted to him/her?

1. Access the Dontshare platform using the username and password that were sent to you when you accepted to become a VIP.
2. From your account, enter the page “Login as a VIP”, where you will find the “Request access” button to receive Key2, which is required to access the LDB.
3. On receipt of Key2, you can access the LDB by entering the combination of the two keys (Key1 + Key2).
4. Once you have opened the LDB, the contents can no longer be changed and only the VIP can download them in decrypted mode.
5. The VIP can access the LDB entrusted to them until the expiry date of the annual subscription activated by the owner.
6. On expiry of the LDB, the VIP may decide to renew the annual subscription for as long as they deem necessary.