Why should I activate an LDB if I already have several social network accounts?

Because maybe it’s time to realize that social networks, as useful and important as they may be, cannot by their nature handle every aspect of our lives. There are subjects and moments that are not suited to the idea of a continuous flow of content and sharing. We therefore want to provide a simple, straightforward tool designed not for the constant production of content to share immediately, but rather the production of highly selected content to pass on. We believe there is a big difference between the two, and that being able to distinguish between what goes and what stays could be a useful exercise for all of us. So our aim is not to provide yet another tool to feed your virtual life, but rather to offer a digital solution to put some order in your life. And to do so completely outside the sphere of social networking.

What level of security does an LDB have? How can I be sure that what I deposit will not be hacked by anyone?

The LDB has a bank-level encryption standard, i.e. the same level of security applied by banks to their transactions and records.

Transport security during Upload/Download and viewing is via HTTPS, with Verisign certification. Cryptography and security are guaranteed by files with a dedicated extension (e.g. .dntshr) that contain the confidential contents encrypted with 256-bit compression.

Is what I deposit in the LDB legally binding?

No, any provisions and wishes expressed have no legal value and are not binding on the VIP. In other words, contradictory provisions and wishes corroborated by law prevail over those deposited in the LDB, unless you take the trouble to affix a certified digital signature to the documents containing your dispositions.

Who owns the content that I deposit in my LDB?

The owner of the content you produce and deposit in your LDB is and will remain you until the end of the relationship. Dontshare will therefore never have any title or any rights to your data and your contents. Dontshare is only responsible for processing your data and undertakes to ensure the utmost privacy in carrying out its role.

What happens to the contents of my LDB if I decide to close it or not to renew it?

In the absence of other provisions, Dontshare is obliged to destroy both your personal information and the contents of your LDB no later than 30 days after termination or non-renewal. Alternatively you can decide what to do with your data and Dontshare will be obliged to comply with your instructions.

What happens if the system accidentally loses all my contents?

According to the provisions of Art. 31 of the Privacy Act, Dontshare is obliged to adopt appropriate safety measures to minimize the risk of destruction, loss, unauthorized access or processing of personal data that is not permitted or not in accordance with the purposes of its collection. If Dontshare is able to demonstrate that it has taken appropriate measures, it is not be responsible for incidents due to force majeure. The non-application of the minimum security measures would on the other hand be punishable by payment of a fine of between ten thousand and one hundred and twenty thousand euro euro (Article 162, paragraph 2b of the Code) and by arrest and detention for up to 2 years (Article 169 of the Code), applied to those legally responsible for Dontshare.

What if a VIP betrays my trust and requests access without my consent?

When the VIP requests the password to access the LDB, Dontshare immediately sends a double alert, by email and SMS, to the owner of the LDB. When the password is sent to the VIP, the LDB automatically goes into read-only mode so it is no longer possible for anyone to upload, post or edit its contents. The Dontshare service is based on the relationship of trust between two people and therefore does not protect the owner from his VIP. To be quite clear: if the VIP were to betray the owner of the LDB’s trust and access it outside the terms of the given mandate, Dontshare would not be liable in any way.

What differentiates it from other similar services?

Dontshare is an invitation to reflect. It is a tool for producing and storing content to be handed down rather than shared. Basically, that means Dontshare offers you the opportunity to operate outside the sphere of social networks and so-called virtual life, giving you the chance to use technology to reflect deeply on your real life.

Why is it not free?

Because we don’t sell your personal data. We are selling a service that guarantees you the utmost privacy. The price of Life Deposit Box therefore serves to ensure a sustainable service, and the security and confidentiality that come with it.

Why is there no App?

We want our service distance itself from the dynamics of social networking and the temptation to produce spontaneous content for immediate sharing. We are trying to convince people to take the necessary time and space to carefully consider what to put in their LDB. From the technological point of view we believe this state of mind is easier to obtain with a device that requires a little concentration. We have therefore decided not to develop a Dontshare App, in the belief that producing and consuming digital content via smartphone may not be conducive to the conditions required for calm reflection.

Do you have to be an adult to own an LDB?

No, the only requirements are that you own a credit card and have an email address.

Does the VIP have to be an adult?

No, the only requirement is that they have an email address.

Can content be shared via the Dontshare platform? If so, how?

No, content cannot be shared via the LDB. It can only be downloaded from it and subsequently shared. The only people entitled to access the LDB are the owner and the VIP, and therefore only they may permit others to look inside.