“Looking for a fixed point, something that is forever.
We are full of everything but we leave nothing.”

If your life were to end tomorrow, what would you like to leave behind?

If you could put everything that really matters to you in a secret box, and leave it in the hands of someone you really trust, what would you put in it?

Do you even know? Or has the habit of automatically sharing of so much of what you think, feel and experience made you lose sight of the difference between what disappears and what remains?

Dontshare was founded in 2016 as a repository of digital safe deposit boxes, secret and sacrosanct places in which to collect and preserve text and multimedia files containing a careful and essential selection of memories, messages and instructions to leave to someone special, when the time comes.

Because social networks are great for shaping the flow of your daily life, but they are not equipped for building a reservoir for the future.

Dontshare is a newly developed tool, which is not about producing contents to share in real time; it’s about producing contents to collect, preserve and entrust to someone who will hand them down and/or deliver them.

So that your departure is a little bit more about you and a little bit less about your fear of it.


The Life Deposit Box is the encrypted, inviolable digital tool that Dontshare offers.

Its highly intuitive interface allows you to simply and securely deposit text and files that hold contents you feel are essential to preserve.

The fact that your LDB is easy to access and manage makes it more straightforward than ever before to tackle the issue of how to pass on your memories, messages and instructions.


The VIP is your own personal Very Important Person.

So important, in fact, that you trust them with your LDB and everything that’s in it, and with your “instructions for use” telling them what to do with it.
There is no legal obligation, of course.

The appointment must be communicated by the owner to the VIP and accepted by the latter. 
For the holder of a LDB to appoint someone their VIP means they consider him or her to be the most reliable and safe haven in which to leave the essentials of their life.