To play at seeing how many times your "top tens" change during your lifetime.

To say goodbye before leaving.

To leave behind something real in the event of something happening to you unexpectedly.

To get to grips with your most primitive fear.

To collect, organise and safeguard your memories, rather than losing them by the wayside.

To avoid the risk of never saying something which, sooner or later, should have been said.

To have the last word on your life.

To avoid being caught off guard.

To learn to talk honestly about yourself.

To go in search of the real you.

To help those left behind deal with the pain of your departure.

To prepare for your final journey with a healthy degree of self-awareness.

To tackle the practical consequences of an abrupt departure.

To decide how you want to go rather than leaving others to decide.

To separate the things that remain from those that won't.

To force yourself to think about what is really important to you.

To help you understand the value of what you have and who you have around you.

To get used to thinking about your own mortality without panicking.

To reflect on your life and who you really are.

Or for any other reason not included in this list that seems useful, important or fun to you.